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King Dedede was quite infamous for being a bottom tier character in Super Smash Bros. 4. 8% (hit 1), 1.8% (missiles), 20% (hammer hit), 10% (last hit). 39: King Dedede – Super Smash Bros. King Dedede's other specials can work against him, as well. We have detailed all of King Dedede’s attacks below that can be performed on the ground. announcement from the Japanese version. Back air is a potent kill option with a good range behind Dedede, which is also a good option for spacing and landing. Unlike most neutral infinites, its finisher launches opponents at a nearly vertical trajectory and has KO potential, as it KOs around 150% without rage. The first opponent hit will be flung into a caged ring and hit with a barrage of missiles, before Dedede uses his mask to become Masked Dedede and revs up his hammer and spins towards them, launching them with one final hit, dealing 71.5 damage in total. "Masked DeDeDe with New Hammer" removes the regular hammer model from ALL King DeDeDe costumes, and uses code to replace it with the New Hammer from his final smash. In this Super Smash Bros. King Dedede attacking another fighter on Wrecking Crew. Hitting Link with a forward smash on The Great Cave Offensive. King Dedede hits in front of him with his hammer about 47 units. Enemies are hit even when the hammer is swinging for the smash above King Dedede’s head. Upon smashing the ground, the attack will send a powerful tremor which will also deal damage to enemies. Up air can beat out a lot of down aerials thanks to its long-range, and it also has strong KO potential. King Dedede will swing his hammer at his back and hit enemies sneaking behind him. King Dedede's below-average dashing speed also makes him over-reliant on fox-trotting to cover grounded distances, which itself is somewhat predictable. A decent anti-air option with great vertical knockback, KOing middleweights at 100%. King Dedede's forward tilt sports good range and startup lag, while its multiple hits are effective for dealing damage and starting combos, while also trapping rolling or floor-bound opponents; up tilt has quick startup lag and good range, allowing it to combo into itself while dealing good damage and leaving King Dedede's body and head intangible; lastly, down tilt deals good damage and has good range, being able to pursue opponents or retreat from them. Inhale also doubles as a reflector, allowing him to contest against projectile campers. King Dedede (デデデ, Dedede) is a playable character in Super Smash Bros. King Dedede's special moveset has also received several miscellaneous buffs, giving him options that either he previously lacked or were outclassed. King Dedede has three Tilt attacks which are detailed below. Have King K. Rool join the player's party in World of Light.With the exception of the third method, King K. Rool must then be defeated on Jungle Japes. Some of his attacks resemble Kirby but King Dedede has a few unique attacks up his sleeve as well. It deals 1×7 and 5 damage to enemies. Ultimate Guides. King Dedede's fastest KO move, sending foes at a low angle and can KO middleweights around 80% near the edge. One of Dedede's best moves for spacing and KOing, doing so reliably below 120%. Enemies hit by the hammer will fly above King Dedede which can be followed with more combos. Puts his hammer on his shoulder, briefly tapping against his shoulder twice. Forward air has a lot of range in front of Dedede, which is good for spacing with its decent startup speed, and can wall of pain at lower percents. Clear Classic Mode with Link, being the 1st character in his unlock tree. Can be autocanceled in a short hop, and is also relatively safe on shield when spaced at max range. Thrusts his hammer upward while twirling its head. It is King Dedede's weakest throw, as it only starts KOing middleweights at around 261% on Final Destination. We have detailed them below. This overhead hammer smash is very powerful attack but is equally slow as well. In the previous Smash … This attack is very good to cover the entire front side of King Dedede with one powerful attack. Super Dedede Jump also has a meteor smash hitbox during its descent, making it risky to intercept if he recovers high. It has very good range above Dedede and can beat out numerous anti-juggling attempts. King Dedede performs three hammer strikes and then raises the hammer into the air. Most of his attacks are similar to Kirby so do not be astonished if you see similar moves. Up tilt's damage output was noticeably increased, down tilt's launching angle was lowered, and both forward aerial and especially up aerial gained higher knockback. Like forward throw, it can be used to launch the opponent into a previously thrown Gordo. If the opponent is hit, they are slammed into a metal grate and have projectiles unleashed on them before Dedede jumps in and slams the opponent with one final … This is a powerful attack but you will need some precision to land a hit with this attack. King Dedede has the ability to float in the air and uses his hammer to dish out some serious damage. It has heavy armor during the swing (resisting up to 14%), and it can hit opponents hanging from the ledge after their invincibility wears off. king dedede Menu. Dedede can hold the hammer out indefinitely, but it slowly does recoil damage if he holds it when fully charged up until 100%. As a result, players have debated on whether King Dedede is as effective as originally imagined, with the current general consensus being that he stands at the lower end of mid-tier or the higher end of low-tier, since his improvements from SSB4 haven't fully addressed his weaknesses. The attack deals solid damage and will have a strong knockback effect. King Dedede will jump while running and flop on his enemies with his belly dealing damage to them. Ultimate King Dedede Guide, we will guide you on how you can play with King Dedede in Super Smash Bros. Although King Dedede is seen as a better character than he was in SSB4, his first definitive tier placement in Ultimate remains to be seen. It deals 25-35 damage and those simply effected by the tremor of the attack are dealt 11-15.4 damage. A headbutt. The first attack deals 2.5 damage, second hit deals 2.2 damage and the last one deals 0.5×7 hits and finishes off with a hit that lands 3 damage. You can also make it bounce higher but travel a shorter distance by holding down while King Dedede will launching the Gordo ahead. Also good for catching landings when reversed out of a run, and can stuff out punish attempts for a landed back aerial. I tried doing co-op Classic Mode, but after clearing Classic with 8 different teams, I got nothing. 12% (uncharged grounded), 11 (uncharged aerial), 40% (fully charged grounded), 32% (fully charged aerial). While King Dedede retains a lot of his fundamental flaws and hasn't been improved as much compared to other tepidly received characters, his buffs have nevertheless given him more consistency despite his initial nerfs. Super Dedede Jump itself, in spite of traveling high, also causes King Dedede to descend very quickly; this, coupled with its limited horizontal maneuverability, renders Super Dedede Jump unreliable for recovering at certain distances offstage. There are 9 versions of this mod. Ultimate Down Tilt Attack to Attack On the Move He can attack while prone by cartwheeling forward. In the French and European Spanish versions, the name tag and voice clip from the announcer on the victory screen is slightly different from the one used on the character select screen, instead featuring a noticeable translation of "the" (, King Dedede is one of the only two antagonists that can be unlocked in the Light Realm, the other being. Dash attack now deals significantly increased knockback and has had its hitbox fixed, now making it a usable (albeit still rather slow) punish option. It deals 16 damage. King Dedede was infamous for being one of the worst characters in SSB4, owing to a large number of considerable nerfs he received both at SSB4's launch and via game updates while not receiving a single buff in return, and his large amount of weaknesses, including notoriously poor frame data, his moveset's lack of power despite being a super heavyweight, and his special moveset's lack of utility outside of Gordo Throw. Ultimate. The Gordos from Gordo Throw act as powerful stage control options with KO potential in their own right at 140% and above and can set up deadly ledge traps. Music: King Dedede's Theme (Brawl) Source: Kirby's Dream Land Arrangement Supervisor: Yoko Shimomura Composition: HAL Laboratory, Inc. The range of King Dedede’s side tilt attack is good so use it to your advantage. King Dedede appears in the most spirit battles in DLC Spirit Boards, appearing in the Yusuke Kitagawa, Hero's Comrades, Gruntilda, and Kim Kaphwan spirit battles. It deals 12 damage. During the segment of the Nintendo E3 Direct that focused on King Dedede's Final Smash, his eyes are normal colored while he is wearing his mask. You will need to be very careful here as your enemies can slap the Gordo back at you. Forward tilt connects much better overall, allowing it to deal its maximum damage more frequently, whereas up tilt has increased KO power (now having power comparable to its Brawl incarnation, especially with rage) and down tilt's angle was positively adjusted while its hitbox was fixed, which when combined with the changes to jostling allows it to connect much more frequently. To perform a Final Smash, a player must either destroy a Smash Ball or acquire a \"Pity Fin… It is also available periodically for purchase in the shop for 500 coins. Dede-rush (Final Smash) – Dedede slams an opponent into a chain-link cage with him hammer before unleashing missiles. Final Smashes are incredibly powerful in comparison to most other attacks, generally leaving the user invincible for the move's duration, and, if properly executed, usually have the capacity to KO at least one opponent. It can be used to set up an edgeguard or launch the opponent into a. However, as professionals such as ZAKI and Atomsk began making notable impacts in major tournaments, most players' perception changed, citing his positive qualities such as his great edge trapping with Gordos, resilient endurance, disjointed range, and stronger KO power in comparison to SSB4. Lastly, Jet Hammer is an effective punishing tool with heavy armor that does very high damage and knockback, and with a max charge, it can break full shields. Read more Super Smash Bros. Suck one enemy in and then throw them at enemies to deal additional damage to both of them. It also has transcendent priority. This is a solid recovery attack move because King Dedede travels a lot of distance while going up. It is much faster than it was in. In Kirby's Dream Land 2 (1995), King Dedede appears as the penultimate boss, and fights while possessed by a spirit-like entity known as Dark Matter, the game's true final boss. He is a large, penguin-like being who is the self-proclaimed king of Dream Land, and the arch-nemesis of Kirby.As such, especially in earlier titles, he often appeared as a boss or even the final … Ultimate. For this attack, King Dedede will spawn a Gordo and throw it at the enemies in front with a powerful hit. This is the stock movement. This attack deals solid damage and the area of damage is also good. Umair is a racing game fanatic and spends most of his time playing Forza or Gran Turismo. King Dedede was among the fighters that were summoned to fight against the army of Master Hands. King Dedede's recovery is further hampered by his aforementioned slow air speed and fast falling speed, often forcing him to use his Super Dedede Jump to return onstage. A barely fully charged Jet Hammer can KO middleweights around 40% from center stage, whereas a fully charged Jet Hammer can KO opponents around 55% from center stage, and is able to break shields with a full charge. His back aerial, despite having a visually more accurate animation, has smaller hitboxes, slightly decreasing its range. Said attack will be replaced with the Final Smash. Inhale has a much larger grabbox and has gained the ability to spit out inhaled projectiles with a one-time increase to their damage, effectively giving him a reflector, which helps alleviate his vulnerability to projectile camping. Ultimate King Dedede Guide in which we will guide you on how you can play with King Dedede and also how to play against it. Mobile-friendly Frame Data for King Dedede in Super Smash Bros. Overall, King Dedede's high weight, endurance, range, and power allow him to punish his opponents with relative ease and survive for a very long time, but his poor overall mobility makes King Dedede's approach somewhat abysmal and renders his recovery somewhat predictable and overly reliant on Super Dedede Jump. King Dedede will land a powerful swing that will smash enemies away into the air most probably knocking them out. If the enemy is too fast for King Dedede’s other attacks, this is a good attack to start a combo with. Ultimate. This will make him drift to the ground instead which is not recommended because you might get hit while doing so. For Super Smash Bros. His neutral attack and up tilt deal less damage, making the former a less reliable option for racking up excess damage. Required fields are marked *. This lets him attack while moving, like a dash attack. A cartwheeling tackle. Ultimate King Dedede Guide details everything that you need to know about King Dedede in Super Smash Bros. It is better at damage racking due to these factors. Dedede Burst (デデバースト) is King Dedede's Final Smash in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, replacing his Final Smash in Brawl, Waddle Dee Army. This glitch may likely have been caused by opponents stuck during the hitstun. He has one of the most powerful Side Smashes in the game in terms of knockback. We will detail all its attacks including the neutral attacks, special attacks, grounded attacks and more. At the beginning of Ultimate's metagame, many professionals noticed Dedede's improvements from the previous installment, albeit still retaining some of his weaknesses there. It deals 13-18.2 damage to enemies. Ultimate. This mod gives King DeDeDe his mask. Neutral attack's KO power was significantly improved, and it has undergone adjustments that make it harder for opponents to fall from the move as easily. King Dedede's Latest Smash Ultimate Battles - 274 Videos. In the final game, his eyes are yellow. Gordo Throw's hitboxes are larger and more accurate and the move has less ending lag after a Gordo has been thrown. He then transforms into Masked Dedede and launches the … Composition and Arrangement: HAL Laboratory, Inc. / Nintendo: Kirby's Dream Land: King Dedede… His mobility is sluggish, especially in the air, giving King Dedede immense difficulty catching up to or retreating from his opponents. In addition to glitch fixes, King Dedede has garnered a mix of buffs and nerfs via game updates, but has been buffed slightly overall. Down air, when sweetspotted, is a powerful meteor smash offstage, but its use in general is limited due to its slow startup and small awkward hitbox. King Dedede faces off against characters with royal titles such as kings and princesses. Enemies can be hit from the top to the bottom. We have curated this Super Smash Bros. King Dedede comes with his trusty hammer which packs a punch and boasts one of the strongest shield breaker attacks. Damage increases more you charge the attack before landing it. While playing with him, you will need to time the attacks right since they take some time to initiate. Use throws to set enemies for King Dedede’s slow attacks. The only challenge I'm missing from Classic Mode is King Dedede: Play 8 total rounds of Team Battle. Unfortunately, the first two hits deal very little fixed knock… Most of King Dedede’s attacks are slow to start but they pack quite a punch. Appears very similar to the Giant Dedede Swing from, Somersaults to perform a downward hammer swing. King Dedede’s grab attack deals 1.6 attacks. However, its rather long ending lag makes this move unsafe if it does not connect at its farthest range. When have a Final Smash ready, you can unleash King Dedede’s Final Smash. Each is in their own folder. King Dedede shares some typical attributes with other heavyweights, such as a high damage output, high KO potential, great endurance, quick falling and third fastest fast falling speeds (both tied for second and third fastest respectively), overall sluggish mobility, and a high susceptibility to combos. Thanks to these buffs, up tilt and down tilt give King Dedede strong, reasonably fast KO options that he lacked, and Inhale is better at catching approaches and projectiles. Ultimate from July 13th, 2019 to December 15th, 2019. Following update 7.0.0 enlarging his shield, some of King Dedede's kit was improved in update 8.0.0. His smash attacks are also more useful, with both forward and up smash dealing more damage and knockback, and his forward smash is now slightly faster. Each fighter has their own Final Smash, which can be unleashed by acquiring the Smash Ball and then using a Neutral special move. Initially, the damage will be much lower but once it is in position above King Dedede’s head, the damage will reach maximum. Enemies using shield will also be sucked in. Charge the attack to the maximum if you want to land the most damage with maximum knockback. Like his forward aerial, it can hit edgeguarding opponents through ledges. This was made even worse when he received multiple nerfs from game updates but not a single buff in return. At the top, King Dedede will turn upside down with his hammer facing down and come down in a powerful hammer slam attack knocking enemies away from him. Ultimate] [Skin Mods] [] Signup Login Additionally, Inhale's new ability to suck in projectiles to spit them out combines well with Gordo Throw, giving King Dedede another way to throw or re-launch Gordos at a faster speed, which gives the projectile much more utility. You can move around while an enemy is inside King Dedede. King Dedede is the third heaviest character and, like Ganondorf, is the epitome of the archetypal heavyweight: he has a large frame, slow walking and dashing speeds (despite them being increased), below average traction, the slowest air speed, one of the slowest air acceleration values, the second fastest falling speed and average gravity.Unsurprisingly, King Dedede's greatest strength is his impressive endurance, which is often considered to be the overall best in the game. His massive weight makes him difficult to launch, and his incredibly fast falling speed lets him return to the ground quickly. In Dedede Burst, King Dedede inhales with a massive breath to draw enemies towards him. Up throw will deal 4,5 damage to enemies and set them up for a nice follow up juggle combo. King Dedede's strongest throw, but due to the fact that it launches at a very high angle, it does not KO until very high percentages; it can KO middleweights at around 148% at the edge of Final Destination with no DI, but around 30% later with good DI. Anyone else in the vicinity of the initial swing will not be caught, but will still take 8% base damage from the hit. It will set them up nicely above King Dedede for a juggle follow up combo. King Dedede's head and upper body are. Activates the afterburner in his hammer to charge up a very powerful swing, which is released when the special button is released. The changes to air dodging also don't affect him as much as other characters, thanks to him still boasting multiple jumps and a long-distanced recovery move. The most damaging and strongest forward smash in the game (and the third strongest forward smash overall, behind, An upward hammer swing. It can also lead to itself and other attacks if the opponent does not tech. This is a good coverage attack so enemies will have a hard time hitting you because King Dedede’s head will blast through their attacks. His vulnerabilities are also compounded by most top-tier and high-tier characters, such as Mario, Palutena, and Pikachu, among others. However, King Dedede is not without a few nerfs. The sweetspot is a very powerful aerial-only. Has below average speed, though it is quicker but less damaging than it was in, Strikes the opponent forward with his hammer. King Dedede will launch straight up in the air and will travel a long distance up before stopping. At the end, enemies at the back will also be hit by it. Although King Dedede's fast falling speed allows him to easily return to the ground, his slow air speed, large hurtbox, heavy weight and lack of fast-enough escape options renders him vulnerable to combos and juggling. King Dedede’s ledge attack deals 10 damage while wake up attack deals 7 damage. Unlocking King Dedede in World of Light allows the player to preview the first spirit below in the Spirit List under the name "???". King Dedede's grab game is less overwhelming than his grounded and aerial attacks, but it is still sufficient. Dedede players should be careful to not make a mistake, or else they might potentially risk getting heavily punished. King Dedede is tied for the third heaviest character in the game with Donkey Kong, making him a super heavyweight. It deals 2×3 and 3 damage. He can also jump five times in midair, just like Kirby. Particularly, his up aerial now deals significantly increased knockback, turning it once again into a reliable KOing option despite its angle rendering it more vulnerable to LSI. ". King Dedede's dash attack is a notable example, dealing huge damage, high pressure to shields, and being able to KO at a mere 55% on middleweight opponents. Easily filter to watch King Dedede against any character or on any stage. Ultimate Characters Guide, Super Smash Bros. You can use the control stick to slightly alter the angle to left or right as King Dedede moves up. Altogether, King Dedede's entire kit has been noticeably improved from SSB4, and while this doesn't change his core playstyle significantly (aside from Inhale becoming a reflector), it allows him to play to his strengths better thanks his moves gaining improved consistency and utility, allowing King Dedede to utilize his strengths better. Final Smashes performed correctly will give a great advantage, and may help to catch up to others in the game, or vice versa. As a super-heavyweight, King Dedede has immense endurance, both vertically and horizontally. King Dedede will slide for some time before recovering for another attack in the front. This Final Smash can KO at around 45%. Any number following the Smasher name indicates placement on the Fall 2019 PGRU, which recognizes the official top 50 players in the world in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate King Dedede Guide. Ultimate King Dedede Guide, we will guide you on how you can play with King Dedede in Super Smash Bros. It deals 15 and 12 damage to enemies in a powerful two hit attack. King Dedede's aerial game is also decent, thanks to his multiple midair jumps which allow him to stall and bait reactions from opponents. His tech rolls are unusually long-distanced for a character of his size, making him difficult to tech-chase. This is King Dedede’s one of the most powerful attacks. Dede-Rush (Final Smash): A new Final Smash, Dedede takes one opponent into the cage, where his Masked Dedede persona attacks them with his Jet Hammer and a missile barage for massive damage … Your email address will not be published. Like forward throw, can be used to launch the opponent into a previously thrown Gordo. King Dedede’s Dash attack deals 16 damage. Each flaming hammer spins deal 10% damage, the fourth hit deals 1% damage, and the bomb explosion deals 15% damage. King Dedede will get a little low and swing his hammer in a powerful spin attack. King Dedede's smash attacks all possess good damage and knockback, while having their own perks: forward smash can KO at 30%, has deceptively short ending lag, allowing King Dedede to quickly react, while also being able to deal immense pressure to shields with only a slight charge; up smash KOs at 100% and sports transcendent priority, while coming with good range and speed, easily being able to hit even the smallest of opponents, while dealing great vertical knockback; lastly, down smash is the fastest smash attack in Dedede's arsenal, KOing at 80%, having transcendent priority, and easily punishing rolling opponents. However, it is important to note that, due to this, King Dedede still retains most of his core weaknesses from the previous game, such as slow movement speed, a lackluster disadvantage state, a vulnerability to some forms of camping, and a high susceptibility to rushdown and combos. A horizontal hammer swing behind himself. You should hover over the path and visualize the one you … King Dedede will use his hammer to attack right above himself with a powerful attack. He puts on his … Enemies hit above King Dedede will be set for a good follow up combo. You can also press an attack or special attack button right before hitting solid ground to avoid King Dedede’s slam attack at the end of the move. King Dedede's grab range is average. This led to most of the community considering him as a low-mid or even low tier character. 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Has good range in front of Dedede, but is unsafe on hit at lower percents if spaced poorly (though due to this, it can also. The attack can be used for a hard read or setting up tech-chases. With the control stick, you can control the type of bounce Gordo will have while going ahead. Each fighter spirit has an alternate version that replaces them with their artwork in Ultimate. During the opening cutscene, King Dedede was present on the cliffside when Galeem unleashed its beams of light. 2. King Dedede is classified as fighter #39. Ultimate – Beginners Guide, Super Smash Bros Ultimate Assist Trophies Guides, Super Smash Bros. King Dedede … Subscribe to our newsletter and get the latest news and updates straight into your inbox. Dedede's fastest move, coming out on frame 6. He has his powerful hammer with him in Super Smash Bros.

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