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But I'm not sure how much to use each time, and where to apply the drops to! Once applied, follow up with a moisturizer and your favorite sunscreen. Complete skin care regimen specifically formulated for normal to dry skin with 4% hydroquinone to reduce hyperpigmentation, such as dark spots and melasma, and other essential ingredients to help address the signs of skin aging caused by photoaging. Lucky for you, we’re here to demystify the science behind vitamin C and Obagi’s Professional-C Serum line. Obagi Professional-C Serum uses a scientifically-engineered formula to deliver the benefits of vitamin C deep into your skin. How to Use a Vitamin C Serum In Your Routine. How to use Obagi Vitamin C Serum. You’ve read all about the little-known benefits of this powerful antioxidant and even found out that Obagi Medical, one of the most renowned professional skin care lines, offers some of the best vitamin C serums out there. Lastly, when used in combination with retinol, apply vitamin C in the morning and retinol at night. Free radicals are unpaired molecules that cause destruction on our skin resulting in faster aging. Obagi C has a pH level of 3.5 while SkinCeuticals vitamin C has a pH level of 2.5. VIT C PART 2: Murad Vita-C Eyes Dark Circle Corrector: Murad Vita-C Glycolic Brightening Serum: Summer Fridays CC Me Serum: GOW Vitamin C 23% + Ferulic: Glossier Super Glow Vitamin C + Magnesium Serum: Alpha H Vitamin C Serum: How to Layer Vitamin C Serum. 0 Reviews. Together with the role of SPF, it encourages the protection of melanocytes as well as depigmentation. Find in store. After cleansing the skin, apply a few drops to the face, working it down the neck and chest (AM + PM). Wait a few minutes after moisturizing before applying the vitamin C serum. Reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, Concentrated formula recommended for dry, irritated or sensitive skin, High-performance serum developed for most skin types, Highest concentrated serum best suited for normal to oily skin. This is a Vitamin C serum that uses 20% L-Ascorbic acid (which is the pure form of vitamin C and has the most research to back up its effects). Add to registry Obagi Nu-Derm Blend Fx Face Treatment Formula, 2 oz. Obagi Professional-C Serum has been demonstrated to penetrate twice as deep as rival products, and the greater the penetration, the stronger the antioxidant benefit. The trick to avoiding skin irritation is to find a serum with the perfect pH level. Obagi's line of products formulated with Vitamin C help address the appearance of aging skin. For best results apply a thin layer of the serum to areas you want to target most like your forehead, smile lines and crows feet. Answer: L-ascorbic acid is appropriate for all skin types. I’ve read good reviews about this serum and decided to find it during my Hokkaido trip last year. It’s a potent antioxidant that can neutralize free radicals, such as those found in environmental pollutants and after exposure to ultraviolet radiation. The clinically-tested, mineral-based brand you love is now at Dermstore. There are other cleansers made specifically mild for sensitive skin. It helps to reduce inflammation of the skin and gives the skin a youthful radiance. How to use Obagi Vitamin C Serum. Keep the container securely closed when not in use. Wash your face with a mild cleanser. If you have any reaction other than mild tingling that is uncomfortable or causes skin irritation, do not use Obagi vitamin C serum. I really like the feel of this serum (I used obagi vitamin c serum 20 pluse v.e) it feels more moisturizing I think like you said, it has the vitamin E. I can’t read the packaging and was wondering if you could tell me if … How to Use Obagi Professional C Serum Obagi’s vitamin C serum can be used in the morning or evening. Professional C-Serum is indicated to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, but we weren’t able to find much more information about how the product works or guidance on how to use it. Vitamin C has an excellent safety profile. While budget-friendly vitamin C serums certainly do exist, the majority of formulas skew on the expensive side. My review is for the Obagi C Clarifying RX (prescription only) which has 10%... About reviewer . Is a gentle product. 5.0. Single-use promo will be sent via email. If your skin can tolerate it, you can also apply the serum all over your face. This ingredient neutralizes free radicals that break down collagen and elastin causing damage and leading to fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots. Wake up to a fresher complexion. I don’t love the packaging on the Obagi (which I will get to later) and I also wish that it had Ferulic acid along with Vitamin E (and some additional brightening, soothing, hydrating, or reparative ingredients would have been nice). What is L-ascorbic acid and what do those percentages mean? TL;DR If you've been using another a Vitamin C serum with lackluster results, which aren't related to your improper usage and/or storage of said Vitamin C, I highly recommend Obagi 20%.... About reviewer ( … MARA Sea Vitamin C Serum infuses 15% THD Ascorbate with 14 rich natural sources of vitamin C to brighten the look of skin, fade appearance of dark spots, texture and hyperpigmentation. Obagi - The formula with highest concentration of Vitamin C Has 3 formulas. Obagi provides limited details about its vitamin C serums online. Let the product absorb for about 3 minutes before continuing with the Clear (step 3) product. With regular use, this serum helps your complexion looks more youthful and radiant. Obagi-C Rx System for Normal to Dry Skin. Quantity. AM: The light texture and fast-absorbing properties of serums make them ideal for layering underneath moisturizer, makeup, and other products. Obagi Clinical Vitamin C+ Arbutin Brightening Serum. Not sold online Available online Out of stock online. Patients on the Obagi system may feel dry and flaky for a long period of time. Can you get too much vitamin C? We’re crazy about Vitamin C and love that it helps to defend against the visible signs of skin aging. Obagi Medical Professional Serum 20% Vitamin C Serum Facial Treatment - 30 ml / 1.0 fl oz. Answer: The shelf life of L-ascorbic acid is typically three to four months after opening, but can be shorter if exposed to light, air or heat for long periods of time. Go to sleep with the serum on your face. Sign up to earn points towards discounts on your favorite brands and products! It is easy to incorporate a vitamin C serum into your routine. Most of the vitamin C serums I have used and love (like Paula’s Choice Vitamin C Booster) are 15%, so this was an increase in concentration from those. It can’t be too alkaline or acidic. In 18 of 20 of the online reviews available, Obagi comes out on top.And its no surprise why, as you’ll soon learn.Rich in vitamin C, vital nutrients, and antioxidants, Obagi can reverse the effects of aging by reducing wrinkles, minimizing fine lines, eveni… Vitamin C serums are used to "promote collagen synthesis", which isn't possible when done through skin care. Eyes Blue. It helps in defending against UVA and UVB rays, helps prevent wrinkles, and contributes to collagen synthesis. Use vitamin C serums in the morning. What happens is the opposite: you deplete your body's collagen by using it. Obagi Professional-C Serum 20 is a concentrated serum with 20% vitamin C that provides multiple benefits for the complexion. Calming adaptogens, our proprietary algae blend and our hydrating … Obagi is one of the most trusted names in skin care. Not sold in stores . HOW TO USE VITAMIN C SERUM. Obagi uses L-ascorbic acid because it is known to be the most bioavailable (most absorbed by your skin) and thus most efficacious form. Professional-C Serum 10%. I’m from the USA and use American obagi products. Which vitamin C serums to try (and how to use them) to avoid this issue; How Vitamin C Protects Your Skin. How to use it: Apply 5-7 drops directly to your face after cleansing Spread evening throughout your face and to your neck line Use in the evening Make sure product is protected form the sun while storing If you have sensitive skin start with 10% … Obagi Clinical: About Arbutin . 15% L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C), 1% Alpha tocopherol (vitamin E), and 0.5% Ferulic acid. I tend to only use Vitamin C serums in the day, as I use retinol and AHA-peel type products in the evening. Answer: Vitamin C is essential for a healthy body, … Add to list . Fortified Sunscreen contains 10% L-ascorbic acid, which is also known as Vitamin C. The fourth step is the Advanced Night Repair cream which helps keep your skin moisturized while you sleep. *Offer valid for new subscribers and participating brands only. I used it up to the very last drop, but when the opportunity arose for me to get a new bottle, I balked. Vitamin C is like Superwoman in a bottle. *Offer valid for new subscribers and participating brands only. I want to be good about using up my Vitamin C serums. Truth be told, vitamin C is an ideal ingredient to use in the summertime, because that's when our skin is exposed to the most UV light—and therefore the most free radicals. The Obagi Vitamin C Serum for Eyes is tops in my book for protecting the delicate skin around the eyes. Obagi Vitamin C Serum is only available in Japan. Watch Queue Queue The dry skin formula contains 10 percent vitamin C, normal skin formula has 15 percent and the sensitive skin formula has 5 percent. Obagi C10 Vitamin C Serum. Apply five to seven drops to the face, neck and chest using fingertips. As a kid, you were probably told to drink orange juice because I do realise that Vitamin C serums tend to have a metallic smell, which I’m OK with. These vitamin C serums are great for acne scars, sensitive skin, and more. Roll over or click image to zoom in. But I'm not sure how much to use each time, and where to apply the drops to! To ease the discomfort, we advise patients to begin a ceramide cream such as Elevase Moisture Booster to help strengthen the skin's natural moisture barrier. Answer: Vitamin C is essential for a healthy body, and therefore essential for healthy skin and hair. Obagi products penetrate deep into the skin and reduce inflammation. Go to sleep with the serum on your face. *Offer valid for new subscribers and participating brands only. We want you to fall in love with Vitamin C, too, so we put together… Vitamin C scavenges free radicals and helps protect your skin from sun damage. Obagi is a professional-grade vitamin C serum designed to target free radicals on the surface of the skin. Turn it up with Magnesium Thermal Brushes, NEW from Harry Josh® Pro Tools. It's as important to use this serum for the eyes as it is to use the corresponding Obagi Vitamin C Serum for the face. Our Pro-C serum 10% is designed for dry, irritated or sensitive skin, Pro-C Serum 15% is designed for combination skin/most skin types and Pro-C serum 20% is best suited for normal-to-oily skin. What Else You Need to Know: L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C) helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and photo-aging, while Arbutin helps brighten and even skin tone. 1 Review. Professional-C Serum 15% Place 3-4 drops of serum in the palm of your hand. Sure, it can't quite leap over tall buildings in a single bound, but slathering on a daily ascorbic acid (a fancy way of saying vitamin C) serum or booster May 15, 2012 review. Obagi Vitamin C Serum is only available in Japan. Can You Apply Vitamin C Serum on Your Eyes? LovelySkin Customer. This cleanser can be used in both the AM and the PM after cleansing and toning -> it can also be combined with vitamin C serum Can be used on all skin types *Note: This product does contain sulfites so you should not use this product if you have a known sulfite allergy . from. Honey or aloe based cleansers are very soothing to the skin. Among the most noticeable benefits are the following: Answer: Not all forms of vitamin C are created equal, and there are many derivatives on the market. Like all of their products, their Obagi Vitamin C Serum is formulated by actual dermatologists, so you’ll know they’re safe to use and highly effective. Aloe Vera gel also works well as a moisturizer. After cleansing and toning with the Nuderm products, apply 3 to 5 drops of the Obagi Vitamin C Serum in the AM to the face and neck. Use of the product should be discontinued if hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients is noted. Great protection! Obagi Vitamin C+ Arbutin Brightening Serum - Before and After Results. Obagi has a few different vitamin C serums made for various skin types. My skin type should fit the Obagi "standard dry protocol" which says I should apply the Professional C Serum Eye Contour 5% and one for the Face at 10%. The Fortified Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30 with Vitamin C only needs to be used during your morning routine Obagi Professional-C Serum 10% if perfect for dry, sensitive and reactive skin. Vitamin C Serum: Using It AM Vs. PM. Fingertip application of five to eight drops of Obagi Professional-C Serum to the face, neck and chest. Verified Purchase. We do recommend choosing the appropriate concentration to meet your skin’s specific needs. Cheap Obagi Vitamin C Serum 20 Deal . Answer: Obagi vitamin C should be used in the morning and/or evening after cleansing, and possibly exfoliating and toning the skin in a more comprehensive routine. A lower pH signifies higher vitamin C concentration which ultimately promotes collagen production that results in healthier looking skin. Obagi Professional-C Serum 10% is a daily Vitamin C antioxidant that improves signs of photo-ageing by helping to smooth texture, even skin tone, stimulate collagen synthesis and improve pigmentation. View Prescribing Information for Obagi-C Rx C-Clarifying Serum and C-Therapy Night Cream. Not only does Obagi Professional-C ™ serum smell amazing and feel wonderful on the skin, it also contains Vitamin C, which may help benefit the appearance of your skin for results that just can’t be ignored. Here, we chatted with the experts at Obagi to answer seven of the most frequently asked questions about this line. Apply only a dab on this area and wait twenty minutes to see how your skin reacts. This one took me a while, I’ve been testing and searching for a while but these two are my favorite: SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic Serum - An Antioxidant Powerhouse. While many Vitamin C products simply moisturize the skin's surface, the Obagi Professional C Serum penetrates to all layers of the skin, effectively delivering more Vitamin C than other brands. Helps minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Thankfully, many vitamins such as vitamin C fight free radical damage both internally and externally. Obagi Clinical Vitamin C+ Arbutin Brightening Serum. Here’s how to incorporate it into your skin care routine: Answer: Obagi recommends using a broad-spectrum sunscreen. Obagi is a professional-grade vitamin C serum designed to target free radicals on the surface of the skin. View Prescribing Information for Nu-Derm Clear and Blender. It is best to use a cleanser that does not irritate. What happens when you apply too much, or too strong a concentration? LOL). List of Moisturizers With Alpha Hydroxy Acid. Obagi C10 Vitamin C Serum. Not sold online Available online Out of stock online. The last one I used and featured is, I believe, the Obagi C10 serum which I absolutely loved! Always apply Obagi vitamin C to cleansed skin before makeup and sunscreen application. Use a gentle moisturizer that is calming for your skin. I’ve read good reviews about this serum and decided to find it during my Hokkaido trip last year. Vitamin C neutralizes free radicals to prevent skin cell damage. Luckily, I found it in one of the drugstores in Sapporo. Typically, a vitamin C serum may be applied one to two times per day. Price-wise, it’s moderately expensive but not very expensive (don’t run away yet! Best Vitamin C Serums. The Obagi Vitamin C Serum works well with the Nuderm system. 116 reviews. Price-wise, it’s moderately expensive but not very expensive (don’t run away yet! Most people … Skin Combination, Medium, Warm. Key Ingredient: 10% L-ascorbic Acid. Concentrated formula with 10% L-ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), gentle enough for dry, irritated, or sensitive skin. Storing your Obagi Professional-C Serum in a cool, dark area, such as a refrigerator (not freezer), may help to prolong its shelf life. Not only does Obagi Professional-C ™ serum smell amazing and feel wonderful on the skin, it also contains Vitamin C, which may help benefit the appearance of your skin for results that just can’t be ignored. Step 2: If you’re a toner person, use a toner. Luckily, I found it in one of the drugstores in Sapporo. online only. A Web Experience brought to you by LEAFtv, Allergic Reactions to Vitamin C Face Serum. While vitamin C can be used in the morning or evening, most prefer to apply it during the day since its antioxidant properties act as a shield to deflect pollution and other environmental aggressors. Obagi products penetrate deep into the skin and reduce inflammation. I bought the Skinceuticals C E Ferulic serum to use alongside my Obagi NuDerm regimen. I've been usnig this for about 2 years. Have been using it for years and will continue to. Gently rub the palms together to spread the serum over the palm and lengths of the fingers. There’s certainly no law against using vitamin C products in … But the addition of floral fragrance is a no-no. Traditionally lightining and brightening the skin was the job of high quality Vitamin C serum or other plant based products such as Kojic Acid - but these may not be effective for everyone.

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