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When it comes to guitars - the answer is yes. A shorter scale length is great for guitarists with smaller hands as it means there’s less of a gap to stretch between frets. So if that’s the case, how do you accurately measure the overall scale length of a guitar? After the pentatonic minor scale and major scale, the blues scale is probably the most widely-used scale in guitar improvisation.Despite its name, the blues scale is not only used in blues music; it’s also regularly used in rock, metal, jazz, and many other musical styles. Extra long scales are most common on 5 or 6-string basses to help keep the lower strings from getting too floppy. These guitars have power Well, checking the length of each string and calculating the average is not the best approach. Featuring our iconic asymmetrical Fender shape, its durable outer layer is constructed of tough 600 Denier polyester that protects against impacts while avoiding ripping and tearing. With a 25 ½” scale length, it brings an alternative playing feel, piano-like bass notes, sparkling harmonic clarity, and characteristic long-scale “snap” to the table, all within the template of the world’s most highly prized solidbody electric guitar. The laws of physics, however, require that saddles be placed a bit beyond the length of the scale. I don't find short scales any easier to play though. Guitar Scale Exercises - Improve Your Speed, Strength & Timing To make the most effective use of the guitar scale exercises in this series, use them in conjunction with the timing elements introduced in the timing series. The long-scale OM is rich and powerful, the short-scale Fender's 610 Series gig bag is a stylish and affordable way to keep your long scale acoustic bass guitar safe while traveling. The pattern simply rolls up one triad (from the root) and then down the other (from the 5th), in diatonic succession (G-Am-Bm-C-D-Em-B˚) up the scale pattern. EPIPHONE BY GIBSON LONG SCALE LES PAUL SPECIAL ELECTRIC BASS GUITAR 2008 MODEL. The scale length of a guitar refers to the measurement from the bridge saddle to the nut. characteristic differences. As I alluded to in the introduction; scale length is important to consider when shopping for a new guitar. Once you’ve discovered the value, double it. If a short scale is too far on the intonation spectrum, consider a medium scale bass as a compromise between the two. The benefit of short scale guitar is that you don’t need to extend your arm much. D'addario EXL170SL Bass (4) Light / Super Long Scale 45-100 - jeu de 4 cordes. What we call “long-scale” basses have become more or less the standard scale length for basses, thanks to Leo Fender and the Precision Bass he introduced in 1951. Obviously, it would be best to physically compare instruments in order to gauge which scale lengths personally suit you. Pledge your support and get bonus lessons! The best way to determine the scale length of a guitar is to measure the distance between its nut and the centre of its 12th fret. Firstly, a guitar with a shorter scale length will have less space between the frets – because they still have to fit 12 frets but they have to fit those frets in within a shorter amount of space. With that in mind, let’s use the Les Paul vs. Stratocaster scale length example again. A guitar with a shorter scale length (like the Gibson Les Paul) requires less tension to reach concert pitch than a guitar with a longer scale (like the Fender Strat). On a classic OM, a long-scale string length drives a medium-sized top This is why Stratocasters and Telecasters are known for emitting bright and snappy tones, which can be attributed to their 25.5″ scale lengths. FIGURE 7 ascends the G major scale via a sawtooth sequence of harmonized triads. The interesting thing is the … ear. Almost all Gibson and Epiphone models will have the former, while the majority of Fender and Squier guitars will feature the latter. But what difference does scale length make? The 24.9" scale does lessen the headroom aspect a bit, which won’t work as well for folks who play hard with a flatpick or with metal fingerpicks. Guitar Maintenance: How to Check and Adjust Saddle Height, Guitar Wall Mounts, Floor Stands, & More—How to Keep Your Instrument Safe at Home, Acoustic Guitar Review: Gretsch G9520E Gin Rickey Is a Secret Tone Weapon, 5 Ways to Play C Augmented | Chord by Chord, How to Play E Diminished Voicings | Chord by Chord. Guitar String Gauge: What Should You Use? Full-length ‘long scale’ guitars measure 25.5″; in contrast, a small scale guitar neck measures from 22 inches to 24 ¾”. versions, and seen enough examples by different makers, to observe repeatable Change any For instance, a lot of brands that create Gibson-inspired instruments will still adhere to their shorter scale lengths. On the downside, a Short Scale Bass Guitars A short scale bass guitar somewhat bridges the gap between a conventional guitar scale length and that of a full bass. Fitting heavier gauge strings would therefore create more tension, giving the guitar a stiffer and more controllable feel. Guitars with short scale lengths tend to sound warmer and a tad fuller than guitars with longer scales, as the lower amount of tension allows their strings to vibrate more freely. Sort by. Regular price $229.99 Austin AJB300 Electric Bass Guitar. And lets face it, us guitarists are very particular about our gear – so scale length definitely matters! All factors 37.1″ total winding length before first taper. If you fitted the same gauges of strings to each of these guitars and tuned them both to standard, you’d notice that the Les Paul would feel more forgiving to play. Okay, (big slap to the … The first scale you learn is the A minor pentatonic. And with a growing number of players now buying gear online, it’s more important than ever to carefully sift through a guitar’s spec-sheet and identify the features that you like before making a purchase. However, it’s also the reason why extended range instruments such as baritones and 7/8/9 string guitars typically have much longer 26″ – 28″ scale lengths, as they ensure that the notes on their lower strings sound tight and clear. 1, 2 and 3 octave E major scales This is called ‘long scale’. This is why Stratocasters and Telecasters are known for emitting bright and snappy tones, which can be attributed to their 25.5″ scale lengths. Keep in mind that guitar scale lengths are typically measured in inches. Cordes Basse Electrique D'Addario Basse Elec. That means using quarter, eighth and sixteenth notes and gradually increasing the BPM on your metronome (I recommend increments of 5 BPM). It also works pretty well over A major and C blues. Therefore, each string should have a slightly different scale length. That doesn't mean you can't find a loud short scale. Small travel guitars and guitars specifically designed for children can have even shorter scales. How the blues scale is constructed. Scale length matters if you’re particularly sensitive about the feel of a guitar. Sporting the iconic Shorthorn body style, this classic bass guitar's two high-impedance, high-output Lipstick pickups serve up the round low-end growl that drove alt-rock hits back in the '90s. How do I measure the scale length of my guitar? Like that of the violin, the scale of the classical guitar was standardized by the work of its most famous maker. The scale length of a guitar is, in common parlance, the distance from the nut to the saddle, and, more precisely, the distance from the nut to the 12th fret multiplied by two (don’t miss our post on measuring scale length if you need to take this measurement on your own guitar). This is part of the reason why Les Pauls are known for sounding thick, harmonically rich and generous in sustain. In fact, we’ve answered all of the following questions to help you to fully understand what scale length is: ‘Scale length’ refers to the distance between a guitar’s nut and its bridge. A scale length of a guitar can be defined as the distance between the nut and the saddle. Below, we’ve created a list of the most common scale lengths that you’ll come across when shopping for a new electric guitar, and noted which brands/models feature them: Short answer – yes. Jeu de cordes pour basse électrique long diapason D'ADDARIO NYXL50105 Nickel Wound Electric Bass Long Scale, Medium, 50-105: UNE STABILITE SANS PRECEDENT. Des tests poussés prouvent que les NYXL restent accordés 131% de plus qu'un jeu standard. PRS Custom 22 / 24, D’Angelico (various models), Fender Stratocaster / Telecaster / Jazzmaster / Lead, Schecter, Ibanez, ESP & Chapman (various 7-string guitars), Chapman (various baritone guitars) & Schecter (various 8-string guitars). A guitar's scale length is calculated by measuring the distance from the front edge of the nut, where it butts against the end of the fingerboard, to the center of the 12th (octave) fret, then doubling that measurement. The most common scale for an electric bass is 34”. With more string tension present in a guitar with a longer scale length, this means that it should produce a strong and focused sound with great low-end clarity. Back in the mid-’80s, Paul Reed Smith wanted to create guitars that could somewhat fill the gap that existed between Strats and Les Pauls. I don't find short scales … For example, one billion is one thousand millions in the short scale, while it is one million millions in the long scale. Long Scale (34-35") Our 4 String Long Scale Bass Guitar strings are the perfect compliment to any 34″ bass guitar, and most non-string-thru 35″ scale bass guitars. The rest is history, as they say. How to Make Your Acoustic Guitar Play Better Than Ever. This article appeared originally in the August 2015 issue of Acoustic Guitar magazine. More Buying Choices $18.41 (7 new offers) Ernie Ball 5-String Super-Long Scale Slinky Bass Set, .045 - .130. Guitar Guru: What can Torrefaction Do for Your Instrument? 4.5 out of 5 stars 56. http://acousticletter.com/join -- For weekly guitar comparisons, demo videos and acoustic guitar knowledge delivered to your inbox! long for steel-string acoustic guitars; anything less is considered short. By Guitar World Staff 23 May 2019. FREE Shipping on your first order shipped by Amazon. Elliot is a Senior Product Copywriter at Andertons, a guitarist and a YouTube gear demonstrator. Many scale-sequence patterns can also be applied to triads and basic 7th arpeggios. A: Roughly speaking, scale length is the distance between nut and saddle. Click here to view all of our Learn articles! 37.1″ total winding length before first taper. with a medium touch. Shares (Image credit: Cindy Moorhead) If you’re a guitarist who loves to practice, you’re probably well acquainted with a scale sequence or two. However, something like a baritone guitar with a 27″ scale length would have a much more perceivable distance between its frets. In this article, we explain what scale length is, how it can be measured, and why it affects the feel and sound of a guitar. Regular price $349.00 Austin APB200 Electric Bass Guitar. Scale length is the distance between the bridge and the nut of a guitar. The shorter scale also makes the guitar feel easier to play due to less string tension (when compared to a long-scale instrument). In fact, I don't think much about it at all when I'm playing. Extra long scale is longer than 34”. Since Gibson largely uses the 24.75" (actually closer to 24.6") and Fender 25.5", we tend to associate these “sounds” with those classic makers. About The Blues Scale. Cordes Basse Electrique D'Addario Basse Elec. Is the scale length of a guitar important? As the scale length increases, the notes are spread further apart along each string. Does size matter? The Pizzarelli model is available with two different scale lengths, long scale 67 cm (14-th fret to the body) and short scale 64 cm (12-th fret to the body). When you play a note on a bass guitar, that individual note comes with a series of harmonics that provide each instrument with a unique sound. Having studied Music and Music Technology, his interests lie equally in both performance and production. With a hexagonal steel core and nickel-plated steel windings, these strings have a balance tonality with plenty of bottom-end. Sign up free! While a shorter scale length applies more tension to the guitar strings, by virtue of the fact that the length of string that can vibrate is now shorter, this also means the individual frets must be narrower to accommodate the number of frets typically found on an acoustic guitar … In fact, it’s perhaps the most important variable to be mindful of when comparing instruments with different scale lengths. Advantages Of A Short Scale Bass disturb the air outside the guitar; ambient air disturbances are sensed by the Pressure waves escape through the soundhole and Experienced players will be conscious of this, but beginners and intermediates may be less aware of the effect that scale length has on a guitar’s playability. Long Scale (standard) – 34-36” Scale Length Extra Long Scale – 36” plus. Antonio De Torres (1817–1892) used a scale length of 25.6 inches (650 mm), and later makers have followed suit. A thinner set of strings would thus resolve this issue, as their tension would be lower when brought up to pitch. For example, if a long-scale 27″ baritone guitar is fitted with a set of 10-46 gauge strings, then it might feel difficult to play. You’ll see some guitars with relatively short scale lengths, and others that appear to be a bit longer. The D-C-G Trick : What Famous Bands Did With Easy Chords! In the early days of electric basses so… Nylon-string These features makes a big difference in playability and sound. Question: Reddit user theguitarman chimed in to the r/guitar forum this week with a questions that a lot of players have asked over the years: What scale length should you use if you’re a player with small hands?.

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