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as an ally and a servant of Meta Knight. Most popular Most recent. Flame Spine: Galacta Knight flies to the middle of the arena and then summons pillars of fire. Background Mecha-Sword Knight was a character who made it's debut in Chapter 10 of Kirby: Behind the Scenes 2: Drawcia's Return and Revenge where it was one of the tertiary antagonists along with Zerox, Damozoph and Masher in the traditional and first digital version of the series. Sword Knight appears as an enemy in this game, but only in Revenge of the King, where he replaced Blade Knight. Sword Knight is a tiny soldier armed with a sword. "Unlike Meta Knight, Galacta Knight … Blade Knight is an ally and servant of Meta Knight.He and Sword Knight were once thieves that encountered Meta Knight whilst he was being chased by WolfWrath. Meta Knight wields the legendary sword … Meta Knight is an anti-hero from the Kirby series. He's intended to … Flavour Text from Kirby Super Star Ultra Sword Kirby first appeared in Kirby's Adventure and has appeared in every Kirby game since. Sword knight is one of the main soureses of sword ability and is a smaller version of heavy knight. *Transformation Scene* Kirby backflipped rapidly in the starry sky before righting himself, then a bolt of lightning strikes the "ground" in front of him, making him briefly shield his eyes, a blue sword hilt with a red gem in … Meta Knight is a major character and swordsman from the Kirby series of video games. As usual they give the Sword ability however Kirby can't call on Sword Knight to be a helper, he can only call for Blade knight. Discover (and save!) 1 Basic Notes 2 Special Moves 3 Taunts 3.1 Normal Taunts 3.2 Others Sword Knight is a relatively slow character with a bit of bulk. He also then defeats Grand Doomer with it. Work Search: tip: lex m/m (mature OR explicit) 1 - 20 of 32 Works in Sword Knight (Kirby). Link. Grid View List View. Taught to Kirby by Meta Knight, it is an attack that uses the limits of one's power in a huge blade of energy (if Kirby can clear his mind first). your own Pins on Pinterest Show your sword mastery! The ability retains several of its previous attacks from the game, such as Spinning Sword, but also adds the powerful Sword Beam. Wiz: Kirby has many...interesting enemies. He wears a purple suit of armor that includes a long helmet with four ridges on its top, an open visor, and large shoulder pads. If Kirby or Meta Knight get hit by the tornado, they will be flung into the air and will take damage when they hit the ground. He also appears in Kirby: Right Back at Ya! He is a knight who is friends with Meta Knight. He, like the other survivors, upholds utmost respect and admiration for his boss, and is usually trusted to pilot if Meta Knight cannot. he can also try to cut kirby and blocks most attacks from kirby. Quote. Sword Knights first appeared in Kirby's Adventure for the NES. Sword Knight is a knight in sea green armor. Kirby is seen with the sword on the cover of Return to Dreamland and he chooses it as his Final Smash in two Smash Bros games. the scariest thing in kirby super star ultra… is sword knight’s gross drippy singular eye. Landing on top of the opponent with the sword deals additional damage in comparison to hitting them on the side. Sword Knight from the anime Kirby: Right Back At Ya!. Meta Knight is a major character and mysterious swordsman in the canonical Kirby series. He gives the sword ability when swallowed. So he really likes the sword ability and only knows how to use it like a sword. They eventually followed Meta Knight to … He is the leader of an army of soldiers known as the Meta-Knights, and captains a large airship called Battleship Halberd, which may accompany him into the heat of battle.Being a knight, he respects a code of chivalry, and almost always offers Kirby a sword … An Ally of Meta Knight and fellow companion of Blade Knight. Revolution Sword: Galacta Knight flies to the middle of the arena then fires a beam of energy that rotates … Meta Knight saved their lives by driving WolfWrath away and the two became indebted to him for doing so. I know you can do it!" Ask. Kirby can inhale Sword Knight for the Sword Ability. In an instant, a green hat is on Kirby’s head, with a radiant sword on his arms. Search Works. He is the leader of a group called the Meta-Knights (Sword Knight, Blade Knight, Axe Knight, Javelin Knight, Trident Knight, Mace Knight, Captain Vul, and Sailor Waddle Dee) and Kirby's rival.. Meta Knight first appeared as a boss in Kirby's Adventure, along with its remake … He Attacks with a spiked sword. "You wield the king of blades! In most cases, he's seen as an enemy, but in other cases, he's shown to be a temporary acquaintance, like a helper. Sword didn't understand, it was only him, Meta Knight, and Blade whom was almost successful in getting Tuff and Kirby to bed. Text. Sword Knight is an enemy character in Kirby series who gives the Sword copy ability when eaten. Despite being shaped like Meta Knight and Dark Meta Knight, Morpho Knight will be so much different from them both, wielding twin blades with speeds greater than you'd expect, given they're bigger than him. Sword Knights reappear as enemies in Kirby& The Amazing Mirror, first appearing during the game's tutorial at … Upward Slash 8B (Air OK) ... Blade Knight Helm(Unlocked at Fighters Rank 15) Hyper Sword(Unlocked at Fighters Rank 46) Custom cursor with the boss of Kirby games Morpho Knight also called the Reborn Butterfly and his a fiery sword. Sword Knight is a default character in Super Smash Bros. Kirby Edition. Mecha-Sword Knight and it's combined form with Masher, Masher Knight… Sword Knight is the final Helper in the roster of Helper to Hero, like Blade Knight, he's another character that turns Kirby into Sword Kirby when he eats him. like, no one points out that sword knight has only one eye, and when he gets hurt it starts melting. Meta Knight ruminates on the relationship of his newfound allies. Sword Knight is a character portrayed as a swordsman and knight featured in the Kirby series. Sword Knight is one of the two knights who are Sir Meta Knight's followers. Language: English Words: 1,013 Chapters: 1/1 Comments: 5 … 1 Games 1.1 Kirby's Adventure and Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land 1.2 Kirby Air Ride 1.3 Kirby Super Star Ultra 1.4 Other Games 1.5 In the anime 2 Related Enemies 3 Trivia 4 Appearances Sword … What could possibly be able to scare away? Sword Knight is a somewhat awkward Meta-Knight, yet still a skilled battler, in Emissary Enmity and The What Chronicles. All posts. His sword extends … It was unknown that he is a friend or a foe to Kirby, as his motives are shrouded in mystery, but he became more of a friend.He wields the sword Galaxia and has a cape that can turn into wings for flying. For starters, he has non-float jumps, he has Condor Dive, and his Shuttle Loop is basically what makes Meta Knight "Meta Knight." It yields the Sword ability when inhaled. “I copied the ‘Sword’ ability! 1 Description 2 Interlude 3 Blade Knight 4 Sword Knight 5 Fight 6 Results 7 Trivia Kirby's two sword wielding soldiers of Meta Knight decide to duel to death, but which will win? Navigation and Actions. White-gloved arms emerge from underneath Sword Knight… The stage represents the Halberd where the Meta-Knights are prominently featured in Revenge of Meta Knight in Kirby Super Star. kirby sword knight < > Most popular. At full health, you shoot beams! An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Apr 26, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by Elektra Dragon. Video. He also comes with a selection of optional parts including his sword together with large effect parts to display him slashing with the sword. Audio. Let’s go, Meta Knight!” He speaks with an accent, but not as thick as Blade Knight's. Meta Knight (メタナイト, Meta Naito) is a main character and anti-heroin the Kirby series.

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