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To update your GPG key, type out (because until you do step 4 you may not be able to copy and paste) the code below into a terminal window. source. If you have any more things which you always do after installing the system, you may share us your thoughts in the comments! Which my computer just won’t do. You’re very likely going to run into some issues that will need to fix before your Kali machine is ready for hacking. To connect to the internet, right-click on the Kali Linux VM, select Settings -> Network. Now to change your default SSH keys, first, change into the SSH directory. If you already have a one installed in your Kali Distro then you can skip this number but chances are you wouldn’t. If this happens, you would not be able to do step 2 let alone install anything on your Kali Linux installation if you do not obtain new GPG keys. Update, Upgrade, Dist-Upgrade. Let’s start with the system update/upgrade. With over 700 articles under his belt, he continues to recommend the best software that the app market has to offer while tackling several discussion topics. Customization: Improve Kali Linux’s Look & Feel. To change the SSH keys, first, change into the directory. Update and Upgrade your Kali Linux Installation. The first (X) things to do, because this list will grow and change... 1) Update, install VMware tools, and reboot. Enter Email to Subscribe. Install Filezilla FTP Client in Kali Linux. ... 20 Things to do after installing Kali Linux part 1 20 Things to do after installing Kali Linux part 2. Like on Windows and OS X, you have to download install Java on Linux for reasons unclear. Next, return to your main settings menu and under privacy, switch off the ‘Screen lock‘. Now add this newly created standard user to the super user’s (“sudo”) group. Nevertheless, installing the latest graphics drivers is one of the first things you should do after installing Ubuntu or any other Linux distributions. The First 10 Things to Do After Installing Kali Linux 1. Social Media. I hope it is helpful for you to experience Linux Mint to the fullest. After installing CentOS 7, you may go ahead and start using the OS, but there are many things we can do to the new core system to get the most out of it. And when you do, instead of going over the installation from scratch and doing all of steps 1-6, you’ll just revert back to status quo with the snapshot. Step 7 – Updating Kali Linux 2020.2. In this post, I’ll step you through the very first things you should do after installing Kali Linux as you prepare to begin your hacking training. My other desktop, on which I installed LM20, runs perfectly and after installation connected to the internet automatically. And now every vulnerability they could potentially contain has ROOT access to your entire computer, such that even a small bug could erase system files without “asking” for confirmation because he is root. Connect your Kali Linux Virtual Machine to the internet. It is therefore important to install GDebi. CentOS is a community-driven free Linux Distribution which happens to be a very capable alternative to Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Open a terminal window and run: sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y. 7. One of the errors you may face would be invalid or expired GPG signature keys. I am going to describe each and everything in this article Now to enable shared clipboard and Drag and Drop file sharing between the Guest and Host machines, go to the VM Settings -> General. After installation of kali linux in different laptops many users faces issues with tapping function or scrolling function with their touchpad, don’t worry it will be fixed with two simple Commands . Would love your thoughts, please comment. After I setup Kali Linux I like to make a few changes to the system, to make it more usable for me. Shopping. The first release was on November 10, 2009, and version 1.0 was released in 2012. After all, if the WSL can support Ubuntu, it shouldn’t be too … This… And when you are done a home directory will also be automatically created for your new user. Although, during installation, Kali Linux allows users to configure a password for the root user other than “toor”. For a better way of getting Kali Linux on Windows 10, install Kali Linux from the App store. Access the X Windows environment using the startx command prior to launching the apt-get upgrade command. This one is a no-brainer. Note: This step can be completely skipped if you didn’t have any problems with updating and upgrading in step 2. How to Become a Hacker in 2020 – Season 1, How to Install Kali Linux on VirtualBox (2020), How to Install Kali Linux 2020 on Laptop PC (Single Boot), How to Install Kali Linux on a USB Drive with Persistence, How to Install Parrot Security OS on VirtualBox for Hacking Training (2020), How to Install Parrot OS (v4.9) on Laptop – Step By Step, How to Fix apt-get install / update Not Working in Kali Linux 2020.3, 10 Best Hacking Tools of 2020 for Windows, Linux, Mac OS, What is Hacking? So whenever you want elevated privileges when using this newly created standard user, just append “sudo” before that command. And you are the hacker who would not want to get hacked himself right?! Touchpad Tapping. First and foremost, you want your Kali Linux virtual machine... 2. So if you want to know how to use Metasploit in Kali Linux? The developers of Kali Linux created it as a replacement for the earlier BackTrack distribution. MuditaOS: A Beautiful and Minimal Open Source Mobile... 12 Best Free Movie & TV Show Streaming Sites in 2020, WoeUSB – Create Bootable Windows USB Sticks from Linux, 10 Free Proxy Servers for Anonymous Web Browsing, 3 Best GUI-Enabled USB Image Writer Tools on Linux. Touchpad tapping . It is a pretty new language compared to languages like How to Install and Use Flatpak on Linux It all depends on your work and what type of software and functionalities you may need. 1. Preparing to Install Kali Linux. Nevertheless, installing the latest graphics drivers is one of the first things you should do after installing Ubuntu or any other Linux … Kali Linux vs Ubuntu – Which Distro is Better for Hacking? If you want to run VLC as root use the command: This involves installing apps off your list of must-have Linux apps. There you have it guys! Update, Upgrade, & Dist-Upgrade. Please do share your feedback and comments in comments section below. Go check that out and ask me your questions. You're signed out. You need to perform an update and upgrade all your workstation’s dependencies to... 2. apt-get update apt-get install open-vm-tools-desktop fuse 2) New Setup Script. You need to be able to make your... 3. This will help you get started with Arch Linux so that you can explore it further. If you have decided to run Kali Linux then you are likely to run some FTP-related tasks down the line and your workstation will not be complete without an FTP client. VirtualBox Guest Additions helps your Kali Linux virtual machine have a closer integration with your host system. Copy link. You can write whatever you like so far you know what it means. Now you are all set to start practicing hacking on your shining newly installed Kali Linux machine. Keep in mind Metasploit is not come with Kali Linux by default as previously. This means that ISO and OVA installation files get ‘old’ pretty quickly depending on how long ago it was released or installed. Updates are rolled out every so often in the Linux world. Like I earlier said Kali Linux is a rolling distro continuously delivering updates to applications. This one is a no-brainer. Let me know what you face in the comments so i can help you figure it out. Updates – The first and foremost thing to do after any fresh installation of Mint, or any Linux distro for that matter, is apply any updates and upgrades for the system. Poll: Which Default Apps Should Ship With Ubuntu 18.04 LTS? Hi Jason, I would get back to you this weekend on this. With that being said, here is a list of The First 10 Things to Do After Installing Kali Linux. If you haven’t already installed Kali Linux get its ISO Image by clicking the button below and don’t forget to return to tell us about your experience with its installation and usage in the comments section below. 10 Netflix Alternatives for Online Streaming with... 15 Best Self Hosted Wiki Software for Linux. The simplest way is to edit the /etc/apt/sources.list remove or comment every-line with # at the front and add the following lines.. leafpad /etc/apt/sources.list. I mean if someone hacked the standard account, can’t they use sudo? It is derived from Red Hat Enterprise Linux sources. Because as a beginner, you’ll mess things up. first of all lets fix default repository , type this command in terminal and press enter. But before then, you need to get some basic knowledge and understanding of the Linux environment you just stepped into. Retype the password to confirm it. The software center is a GUI app from which you can download apps online directly to your desktop. Under the Advanced tab enable the two options (Shared Clipboard and Drag’n’Drop) as you wish to. This was our list of stuff to do after installing whatever version of Ubuntu. Although such issues are becoming less of a problem with workarounds like Snaps and Flatpak, most of the apps in the market are not available as sandboxed packages and not all apps can be installed from the software center. The first thing I always do on a fresh Kali install is to make sure it’s up to date, your system should have already been updated and upgraded during the installation, we’ll make sure anyway. To install VirtualBox guest additions, open a terminal and run the below command. Rather than make 30 steps to do everything, I tried to roll it all into a script on GitHub that will be easier to update and modify. However, you’ll not be needing this if you are using installation method 2 from the previous tutorial. Today, I am going to list a few basic and yet important things to do after installing Arch Linux. This step is HIGHLY recommended when working with virtual machines in general. Retype your password to confirm it. Kali is developed for providing a full-fledged Linux desktop experience, whereas BackTr… This is because many applications such as Wireshark, browsers (e.g Chrome) should NEVER be run or used as root. Saving yourself some headache and precious time. Your next course of action is to get your Linux Basics straight. 1. The first thing after installing Kali Linux is to update it. The result is : ” bash: dpkh-reconfigure: command not found”, “This is because many applications such as Wireshark, browsers (e.g Chrome) should NEVER be run or used as root. Kali Linux is a Debian-based distro developed and maintained specifically for advanced Penetration Testing and Security by one of the world’s leading information security training companies, Offensive Security. Commonly referred to as the perfect OS for hackers, it is a complete rebuild of BackTrack Linux with full adherence to Debian development standards and was first released on 13th March, 2013, since then it has always come straight out of the box with a ton of tools geared towards Information management, Computer Forensics, Reverse Engineering, and Security research, among other tasks. ”, “So whenever you want elevated privileges when using this newly created standard user, just append “sudo” before that command. Kali Linux has a dedicated project set aside for compatibility and porting to specific Android devices, called Kali NetHunter. But if you boot a live image or imported an OVA file you will have to change the default password. 2. Like always, if you have any comments or you think that something else also should be included in the post-install checklists, let me know. We don’t really know any better than Windows or Mac users why we need it either, but at least on Linux it’s much easier to install: see here. Hit me up in the comments below, I’ll get to them ASAP. Kali Linux is famous for being unusable after a fresh installation. To Update and UpgradeKali Linux, open a Terminal i… So it’s absolutely necessary and important you perform an update followed by an upgrade upon installation completion. But I like to set them both to “Bidirectional”. Following are the some of the things you can do after installing Kali Linux. Ubuntu 16.04 – My Experience so Far and Customization, The 9 Best Free Dropbox Alternatives for Linux. apt-get clean&&apt-get update &&apt-get upgrade-y&&apt-get dist-upgrade-y 2. Fix Something These are the 10 things to do after installing Kali Linux 2019 latest version. [email protected]:~$ sudo apt update [email protected]:~$ sudo apt install firmware-linux firmware-linux-nonfree libdrm-amdgpu1 xserver-xorg-video-amdgpu -y. That’s all from this article, I hope you got an idea what one should after installing Debian 10. Update: This post is outdated. There are a plethora of apps (both free and paid) to choose from so knock yourself out! Brief: This tutorial shows you a few essential things to do after installing Arch Linux. Read Also: Kali Linux vs Ubuntu – Which Distro is Better for Hacking? To create a standard user which can also leverage the powers of a root when used with ‘sudo’, run the below commands in your terminal: Type a password that is different from your root password. With that said, here are the first things to do after installing Kali Linux 2020: Recommended for you: Check out how to install ParrotOS, a better hacking operating system than Kali (in my opinion) which also does not require much setup after installation. Hosting Sponsored by : Linode Cloud Hosting, 11 Best Linux Distros for Developers and Programmers, NethServer 7 Is Finally Here with Various Features and UI Upgrades, 11 Best Note-Taking Apps for Programmers and Coders, 4 Ways to Watch Blocked YouTube Videos in Your Country. Follow my Instagram Account to learn all the Linux Basics you’ll ever need. On the Name menu below, you can either set it to “wlan0” if your connection is over WiFi or “eth0” if connected over ethernet. To update and upgrade your Kali Linux system run the following simple commands in a terminal: Note 1: If you are getting key expired issues when trying to run the above commands, it’s best you do step 3 first. Change the Default Repository. To change Kali Linux default password for the root user, run the command: passwd root in a terminal and you’ll be prompted to enter your new password. Here is a tutorial video showing the first things to do after installing Kali Linux in 2020. Creating a user with lower privileges than the root user is highly recommended. You should clean, update and upgrade Kali operating system. First and foremost, you want your Kali Linux virtual machine to be able to connect to the internet. When the system comes back on you should be able to maximize the VM window and use Kali in fullscreen mode. I usually name mine “Ground Zero Installation” and then in the description, I put the date + VBox Guest Addition + New User (“the username I set”). If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. You will continue to learn more of Linux as you progress through your ethical hacking career. The single most common causes of a broken Kali Linux installation are following unofficial advice, and particularly arbitrarily populating the system’s sources.list file with … We’re always on the prowl for novel environments to run Kali on, and with the introduction of the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) in Windows 10, new and exciting possibilities have surfaced. Updates are rolled out every so often in the Linux world. Git is the open-source software version control application. Using the prerequisites listed above, we are going to make an installation media (which can either be a bootable USB flash drive or DVD), for the clean install of Kali Linux 2020.3 on our laptop’s hard disk. The most important thing is to change the Default Repository after installing Kali Linux 2.0, which will help users to update & upgrade their system (Daily & Security Updates). Prefer to watch a video? You need to be able to make your workstation look the way you want it to and for that, you need to install the gnome-tweaks tool, which is a free desktop customization and settings manager for Gnome desktops. 6. Stay tuned, After typing the folloeing command: “dpkg-reconfigure ssh-server” For example, you might want to run Google Chrome instead of Firefox. Useful Websites for Downloading DEB or RPM Linux Apps. Every Kali Linux installation uses the same default password (toor) and also has the same default SSH keys generated. Now you have an awesome Linux distro it’s time you got an awesome browser as well and Tor Browser is the way to go. Please help share this post if you found it useful! Repositories. Isn’t that a contradiction? Note 2: If you are sure you have an internet connection and are getting an error when trying to update, try out the solution in this post. E.g “sudo apt install nmap”.”. Without which, there is very little you can do with your Kali machine. The good news is that you can install it using this simple command: Kali comes with dpkg for package management but you could run into issues after installing apps because it doesn’t automatically install apps’ dependencies. Earlier I showed you how to install Arch Linux. The possibilities are endless. You don’t have to learn everything about Linux at once, you only need the basics – enough to navigate around – for now. We recommended that you access the X Windows (GUI) environment to upgrade the system. Install Java. All Rights Reserved. Therefore it is super easy for such Kali machines to be attacked over a local network or the internet. The first thing to do after installing Linux Mint 20 is to get connected to the internet. BackTrack was a powerful platform that provided the tools required for successful penetration testing and was based on Knoppix Linux. Upgrading Kali Linux on Raspberry Pi It is normal that the first thing to do after changing your default password is upgrade the Kali Linux packages. Kali Linux sources.list Repositories. Katoolin is a tool with which you can add and remove all the necessary Kali Linux repositories and as well as install Kali Linux tools. Name your new snapshot and write a description, if you like, and click Ok. Download Etcher for burning the Kali Linux file on your USB stick or SD card. My pick is Filezilla and you can install it with this simple command. Installing Katoolin is straightforward as long as you follow these steps. You need to perform an update and upgrade all your workstation’s dependencies to prevent app failures and ensure you have the latest of everything required for your system to function properly. VLC is arguably the best media player available in the market with numerous online articles to defend its case and it is free. The beauty of Kali Linux is that it can be used by beginners and security experts alike, it can be set up like any other Linux distro to watch movies, play games, develop software, e.t.c. I don’t want to start working with an outdated system or with outdated tools. Watch later. So, doing your 14 Things to do…is not possible. It has inbuilt proxy settings to keep your online presence anonymous and your data private. What To Do After Installing Kali Linux In 2019. The Top Things to Do After Installing Kali Linux in Virtualbox. One good reason is that these applications are made up of several thousands of code lines. This ensures your system is up to date. After installing Kali Linux, you should change the (default) repository in Kali … 1. On the dropdown menu beside Attached to choose “Bridged Adapter”. Kali is a revamp of BackTrack built around Debian and provides a robust set of additional features. Now that you are done with the first things to do after a fresh install of Kali Linux, it’s time to take a snapshot of the current settings. So you need to install Metasploit in Kali Linux then Learn how to use Metasploit in Kali Linux. Martins Divine Okoi is a Cybersecurity graduate student with an enthusiasm for open-source software. Also, the default SSH keys can allow an attacker to intercept your communications when you’re controlling something like a Raspberry Pi via SSH. And especially for a rolling Linux distro like Kali, this is much more often and rapid. Change default SSH keys (if I used the Virtual Machine image) Update, Upgrade and Distribution Upgrade. Hello Umesh, That’s what I am doing with the How to Become an Ethical Hacker series here on this blog. And... 3. There are a few books and many good tutorials on YouTube that you can use to teach yourself Linux. Types of Hackers—Ethical Hackers as a Case Study, 7 Reasons You Should Study to Become a Hacker, The Best Laptops for Hacking in 2020 (Buyer’s guide), Hack WiFi Passwords Automatically with Besside-ng on Kali Linux 2020. The default password for every Kali Linux installation is the same (toor) which makes it very easy to automate attacks. You might need to install Java’s Runtime Environment or a text editor like Visual Studio Code. Do this by heading over to Settings > Power and changing the ‘Blank screen‘ option to never. The following list are things that I do. f you are using Kali Linux. First 7 Things to do After Installing Kali Linux (2020) 1. [20] It is the first Open Source Android penetration testing platform for Nexus devices, created as a joint effort between the Kali community member "BinkyBear" and Offensive Security. Tap to unmute. By the time you get to this number, you must have noticed that the clean Kali installation ships with an auto-lock feature which, for me, can be a bit annoying; especially if I only left my computer for a moment to get some more cups of coffee while running Kali on a VM. Of course, it is not a complete list and many things can be in a to-do list after installing Linux Mint. Note that you will not see the characters as you are typing nor stars that show how many characters you have entered, this is for security reasons. after done with the above commands ,go to /etc/modprobe.d/ make file of any name like mouse.conf This Repository looks like this-. When you first installed Kali Linux on your Virtual Box or as a main OS for your Laptop you should be wondering what to do after? It adds a collection of drivers that enables essential things like full screen, clipboard sharing, drag & drop. Videos you watch may be added to the TV's watch history and influence TV recommendations. Fix Device Not Managed Error. Have any questions? Updating and Upgrading is a crucial first step in my workflow. Linux Mint might not be the go-to OS for gamers. Comment or remove existing config with the following lines: Kali Linux 2.0 – Kali Sana users – Use the following Repo list: To take a snapshot, on your Kali Linux VM, click on the hamburger icon -> Snapshots -> Take. Just select whatever is supplying internet connection to your host machine. FOSSMint: Everything About Linux and FOSS © 2019. To do that, we first have to update the repository and then we have to upgrade the system. For the additional information fields, just press ENTER to skip. 1.Changing Root Password It is always recommended to change the Kali Linux default user account password: ROOT / TOOR. E.g “sudo apt install nmap”. Info.

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