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$46.95. 12" X 11.93" 1/2" Bore. Shut your furnace off if you have a compromised mount. Carrier LA22ZA118 Blower Wheel. You may be dealing with a bad belt, a problem with the motor bearings or even a broken part. Furnace blower wheel. How to Figure Out the Size of a Blower Wheel Step 1) Identify the following physical features then move to Step 2: Wheel Construction: Figure out if the rim of the wheel is AA, Tabbed, Tac or Riveted. While it’s perfectly legitimate to recommend cleaning a dirty blower wheel, the repair you thought was going to cost $750 now costs $1,500 or more. $174.99. Brand: Rheem-+ $65.19 each ADD TO CART. Q. Can't find your part? Furnace Parts; Blower Parts; Blower Wheel; Blower Wheel. When your furnace blower is making noise like humming, screeching, or thumping, it can be a sign of wear or damage. Add To Cart. The part # is 026-38510-000. 38568 Webb Dr. Westland, Michigan 48185 (734) 326-3900 TechnicalHotAndCold Cameron Freeman $34.95. On the blower wheel fins, you’ll find metal clips. Furnaces consist of two main operating systems: one for generating heat; the other for distributing it. This product is made of high-quality materials to serve you for years to come. Carrier Blower Wheel LA11AA005 4” HVAC Fan Furnace Refrigeration. Sold by SIM Supply. Sometimes the blower fan is integral to a housing that has to be replaced as a unit - for typically about $150-300 for that unit, plus labor. Why is a dirty blower wheel such a problem? Designed using state-of-the-art technology and with customers in mind. If the set screw is loose, the blower wheel will wobble on the motor shaft and be noisy as it turns. Q. Which filter should I buy? This draws more amperage and pushes less air. Other specifications include the 3.75-inch blower wheel diameter, 1.88-inch blower wheel width, and 0.80 full load amperage. $237.99. A broken blower wheel will vibrate in its housing, resulting in squealing, scratching, and banging sounds. How often do I need to change my furnace filter? Blower motors are made up of a motor, a blower wheel (also called a "squirrel cage") and the shell. Question: The furnace blower does not seem to be … Other replacement furnace parts. $46.95. An example furnace blower motor fan assembly shows the blower motor connected in center and held in place by the mounting bracket, surrounded by the blower fan wheel and air outflow duct assembly. This section contains Blower Wheels manufactured by Rheem for furnace applications. Benefits of Blower Wheel Cleaning. 1468-120P - OEM Upgraded Furnace Blower Motor 1/6 HP 230 Volt; EPAuto CP374 (CF10374) Replacement for Toyota/Dodge/Pontiac Premium Cabin Air Filter includes Activated Carbon; Front AC Heater Blower Motor w/Fan Compatible with 03-07 Accord (Sedan 4-Door Only)/ 08-14 Ridgeline -04-08 TSX Replaces 79310SDAA01 I suspect it's the blower wheel or a bearing in the motor going out. Step 5: Clean blower wheel. Make Offer - 1011420 ICP Heil Tempstar Furnace Blower Wheel Squirrel Cage 11" x 10" x 1/2" Carrier Bryant Furnace Blower Motor Assembly Genteq ECM3.0 1/2HP 16009KVS $550.00 A broken motor mount causes the blower wheel to drop and rattle against the housing. Trane WHL02167 Furnace Blower Fan Wheel Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) part. Furnace Blower Wheel (33126) by Dometic RV®. Other times the blower fan or wheel can be removed and replaced, commonly around $50-150 for the fan itself plus labor, depending on brand and … Contact us! Once summer came and the blower ramped up for A/C, it got really noisy. Atwood Furnace Blower Wheel 33126, Atwood 33126, Blower Wheel 33126, Atwood Blower Wheel 33126, 33126 Took a closer look at motor shaft to try to detect any misalignment, couldn't really tell. For Dometic 8500 Series Furnaces. Don’t be surprised if the technician then tells you that in order to warranty that new blower motor, you will have to have your blower wheel cleaned also. The capacitor acts like a spark plug, creating the energy needed for the motor to engage. What is the purpose of a furnace filter? Same thing is felt with cooling/heating off, just fan on. $149.00. The blower wheel blows air out of the furnace and through the house. 1. 5. Go to a car wash that has spray wands. Furnace Blower Motor Noise. The numbers don’t lie! Scraping noises. The unit runs at speeds of up to 3,200 RPM at 50/60 Hertz. Buy Furnace Blower Wheel at Dey Distributing Flat-Rate Shipping $6.95 | $39.95 Spray blower wheel and blower housing (snail shell) with 1 full cycle of soap and 1 full cycle of rinse. Blower motor mount, squirrel cage, plenum, filter too small, or the furnace itself vibrating. Dometic Mobile Products, LLC has been a world leader in designing, engineering and manufacturing appliances and hardware for the RV industry for over 30 years. When as little as one tenth of an inch of dust accumulates on your blower wheel, it can reduce your furnace’s efficiency by 20%. 00836012 - Blower wheel 10 5/8 x 10 5/8 3/4 Bore. If I still get attitude from the blower wheel, I will use a small Uniweld Mapp hand torch that has fairly long reach tip to heat the shaft and hub for about 20-30-seconds, then shock the hub with spray from a bottle of glass cleaner that I always carry to clean off flux and grubby finger prints. There goes another $350 – $400. Furnace blower motor rattling noises can become annoying fast. Blower wheel cleaning is a task that needs to be done regularly to ensure efficient operation. $228.39 $169.42. 7. Keep in mind that every furnace is different, so the only way to be 100% sure about the state of your furnace is to have the team at Wagner inspect your system. Q. List Price: $235.98. Free shipping on orders over $99 Your Zip: × Zip Code ... Blower Wheel 11 X 9" 1/2" bore 703016 Blower Wheel 11 X 9" 1/2" bore. Noticed a louder humming and shaking in the home when we started to use the AC this past week. You save: $93.20 Add to Cart. Thumping: Thumping and vibrating sounds are the results of an unbalanced blower wheel. Fixing a malfunctioning blower may be less daunting than you think. This is a BRAND NEW OEM York/Luxaire/Coleman Furnace Squirrel Cage or Blower Wheel. Did you know that even a tenth of an inch of dust can reduce your furnace’s efficiency by as much as 20 percent? Why do I need to change my filter regularly? You can see the color coded wiring and run capacitor coming from … Quick view. Wheel Diameter: Measure the diameter of the blower wheel – the … C $19.63. Goodman B1368035S Blower Wheel : Goodman 0150M00000S Blower Wheel 9"X 6" Goodman 0150M00042S Blower Wheel 10" X 10" I took it apart, replaced with new blower wheel, wheel was still not turning true. 128. It does not take much to put one out of balance, and sometimes it is a wrestling match getting the wheel of a old motor. 4. Any dirt on those blades will cause your blower motor to work harder. Blower wheel was balanced just fine, some dirt not horrible. Carrier LA22LA096 Blower Wheel. Goodman 10324246 Blower Housing : Goodman 10324248 Blower Housing Assembly : Goodman B1086773S 22" Condenser Fan Blade: $41.95. Goodman 0271F00163S Blower Shell & Wheel Assembly : $37.95. Make Offer - New Carrier Emerson 5460 P257-E5460 K55HXENV-0115 1/2HP Max Furnace Blower Motor Carrier LA22LA029 Blower Wheel & 115V 1/2HP Zhongshan Y7L623 E013 Motor Combo $149.95 You may also want to know that it has thermal protection and a blower conduit box. Your Price: $142.78. Fasco A150 Fasco Induced Draft Furnace Blower, Replacement, 208/230 Voltage, .50 Amps, 1/35 HP Gas Furnaces A150. The center hub of the wheel is centered. In a hot air system, a blower forces air through ducts that open into each room. Furnace Blower Wheel (350129) by Suburban®. There are many advantages to cleaning your furnace’s blower wheel, including: Furnace unit vibrating, blower wheel/motor out of balance or going out? Single Inlet Steel Blower Wheel 9" Diameter 4-3/8" Width 5/8" Bore with Counterclockwise Rotation with outside hub SKU: 09000412-020-S-T-CCW-O-001 $300.00 Add to Cart You don’t want too much water pressure from the wand as it may damage the fins. The company that did the installation cleaned the blower wheel of drywall dust and it helped with some of the noise. The blower wheel is attached to the blower motor shaft with a set screw. $174.95. A scraping noise most likely means that there’s a fault in the blower wheel of the furnace. Suburban - Furnace Combustion Wheel - 350184 $28.59 $21.09 Suburban - Furnace Blower Motor - 233042 $198.78 $142.58 Atwood - Hydro Flame Furnace - Blower Wheel Kit - 33126 $30.09 $23.15 Brand New. 15" Double Inlet Blower Wheel with A Series Belt Drive (1" Bore) 00827616 15" Double Inlet Blower Wheel with A Series Belt Drive (1" Bore) SKU: 00827616. Purchased a high efficiency Carrier furnace to be installed with the build. DMI Blower Motor and Wheel Assembly S97020048 for QTXE(N,R)110Product Description & Features:Metal Mounting Frame Measures: 11-1/4 x 10-3/8.Blower Wheel Measures 7.64 x … From the very start, the furnace was loud. Have been in a new build house for almost 3 years. Most of the time a piece of something (filter, furnace insulation, paper, dirt) has become sucked in the blower wheel (squirrel cage) and causes it to become off balance and wobble. Add To Cart. After all, blowers are basically just large fans. $165.19. It's 12" in diameter and 12" tall with a 1/2 shaft hole. ... York S1-026-19654-709 blower wheel. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. Brand: Lau-+ $114.97 each ADD TO CART. I would recommend turning off the power to the furnace, taking the blower door off and inspecting the blower wheel with a flash light and a mirror. When you replace a blower motor, it’s good practice to replace the wheel as well. As a result, the capacitors undergo a lot of wear and tear, and it's not uncommon for them to fail. For Suburban Furnace SF-20/ SF-25/ SF-30/ SF-35/ SF-42/ SF-20F/ SF-25F/ SF-30F/ SF-35F/ SF-42F/ SDH2542. Add To Cart. Sort By: Quick view. Sold by DIY Repair Parts. SKU: 703016.

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